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If I were to star in my own movie, what would my story be?

Well, that is very timely to talk about. I think the story of my current situation will pass for a romantic drama movie. Just recently, I watched an award winning romantic drama film called Like Crazy. It is a sad movie but the thing with it is that, what's going on in the movie is very realistic that you can very much relate to it even if you are not in their situation. Of course, the hopeless romantic that I am, this movie seemed to touch my heart and realized some things that I couldn't accept before. Anyway, If I were to star in my own movie, it would be a romantic drama film as real as what I've seen in that movie. 

The story would be about this couple who fell in love with each other seven years ago. They were too opposite from each other that you wouldn't think they would "click". They were just in their teens back then during those years. So ignorant and unaware of the things that would come into their relationship as years go by. The first few years were the exciting parts of the relationship. That feeling when they were so in love with each other that they always make a way to be together despite their differences. As the years went on, they would still hold on to each other. The girl stopped from school and started to work, while the boy continued and graduated from college. The situation switched, and now the girl is studying and about to graduate and the boy is working in a stressful environment. The girl became very busy with school as the boy did in his work. Until they started seeing less of each other in each passing day. The boy met another girl. The girl kept waiting and fighting for the relationship to work. The boy realized what he's been missing only to be caught up in a mess he can't figure a way out. The girl found out about the other girl but still forgives the boy because she still loves him so much. The other girl (stupid b!tch) will not stop without a fight and is so desperate to get the boy back. The other girl made a deal with the boy to spend some days with her and then end it eventually. The boy agreed even if the girl she loves will get hurt so much. He chose the girl, the love of his life but he needed to go with the other girl because he said he has to make things right. And now, for three agonizing days, the girl waits...

Oh.. oh.. oh.. Saaad movies, always make me cry... haha That song just popped into my head! So now, can I pass as a writer of the romantic drama genre? ☺ My imagination is really good! haha Well, as a movie buff, movie watching is not complete without something I can munch on while I cry or laugh.

Besides chips, fries and dips, our movie watching won't be complete without the popcorn! Kettle Korn is my choice when it comes to branded popcorn. The round shaped popcorn is more tasty especially the flavored ones. My favorite flavor is the sweet 'n salty twister. Well, just looking at the packaging, you'd know that they use finest quality of popping corn to make poppin' fun all the time! Kettle Korn will definitely make watching movies POPPIN' FUN ALL THE TIME!

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