Trip at JE Camp Hotel and Resort in Tanay, Rizal

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Wow, it's been a while since the last time I posted something really personal here. So I'm really excited to share  my trip to Tanay, Rizal with the boyfriend's family.

We didn't really had an exact plan but just to go to JE Camp Hotel and Resort in Tanay, Rizal and stay overnight. It would be my first time to go to Tanay so I was quite excited and at the same time curious about the place. I already searched about Erap's Tanay rest house which what JE Camp was before. I didn't expect that the place would be so relaxing and great. I missed going to the province!

The bf
His mom, sister, the bf, and I
The bf's aunt, uncle and cousin! : )

So picture taking immediately after we arrived! We instantly loved the place because there were so many trees  which of course we don't always see here in Manila. Also, the place was clean and although the area was really big, it's maintained and still developed by the workers there. We didn't just go there to swim but also to go sight beautiful views. There's even a mini zoo!


Ostrich! Yay!
Maranaw Village

Sarimanok at Maranaw Village

Besides the Maranaw Village and the Mini Zoo, there are lots of places to go to. Well, the Day tour costs P150/head, I think that's worth the trip since you'll ride this cart (don't know what's it called) and will tour around the area. As I've mentioned the whole area was too large to roam around by just walking so you really need a ride.

The road's steep!

Beautiful girls!
At the fishing area (I think!)

The above photos were taken on our second day when we decided to check out the whole place and we just walked! So exhausting but worth it! The place's so green! Then after the long hike, we went swimming again (we did swim on the first day but it rained!) and videoke. I so missed singing in videokes! :)

Singing time!
Swimming time!

After swimming, we ate lunch before we went home. If only we can stay for days, we'd love to! But it's time to go home in the city. I'll miss the trees!

The cart for the Day tour

Bye Tanay! I really enjoyed our trip. It was a fun-filled adventure and sometimes it's good to be away in the city for a while!
Happy gal here! :D

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