Celebrating our 6th at Manila Ocean Park

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The boyfriend and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary last May 9 and until now I can't get over it. I mean the happiness it brought me. :) My day started out really well when I received this adorable bouquet of red roses from the bf. He's so sweet! I didn't expect that he will go to our house that early, not to mention that he just came from a night shift at work.

He said, "Action speaks louder than words."
That's because I waited at 12 in the morning to greet him. I was also waiting for him to send me his greetings until I fell asleep. What I didn't know was he's planning to surprise me (surprise nga eh! hahaha). Thanks for the really sweet gesture hon. I really appreciate it! :)

We went to Manila Ocean Park that afternoon. I've been there when I went to Seriland with a friend but we're not able to go to the other attractions. So this is a first time for me and the bf to really experience Manila Ocean Park.

Manila Ocean Park Summer Promo
There was a promo and we availed the Penguin Delight D because we want to see the penguins and experience the Snow Village. The bf was too lazy to post all our photos on fb so I'll just post some from my instagram to share with you our great and special day at Manila Ocean Park.

On our way to Oceanarium
No Flash Photography inside! hehehe Remember this hon? ;)

What a face! :) Enjoyed the slide!
At Snow Village. It's too cold!
More photos at Snow Village! Hon's so cute!
We took lots of photos. Maybe if I have the time I'd post more. We also went to the Musical Fountain Show which I really enjoyed. Too bad I can't post photos from the show. It was a fun-filled day. After six long years, we're still together. I'm so proud of us! The number of years is not that important but what matter most are the memories and experiences we shared and learned from together. Happy 6th Anniversary hon! i♥u

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