Of Threads and Knots

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Lately I've been busy with my new hobby -- Making friendship bracelets! I'm really into arts and crafts and I really like handmade crafts. I was actually browsing on Tumblr and I saw a photo post of these colorful friendship bracelets. That reminded me of the time back in high school when I'd spend my free time making friendship bracelets. I even bought this round thingy called Kumihimo disk (just learned the name a few days ago). It's used to make friendship bracelets as well.

Kumihimo disk
Well, I couldn't find the Kumihimo anymore so I just searched on awesome Google for tutorials and patterns. I came across this site. They have tutorials of the basic knots, how-to's, and great collection of patterns you can choose from! I was really excited when I see some really good patterns. So after a day or two, I bought DMC threads and started making friendship bracelets!

Here are just the first two I made. I have to buy more threads. I already chose different patterns I'd love to make into friendship bracelets. Just comment below if you like to see some tutorials. I'll probably make one. :)

the first one I made

Bordered Chevron friendship bracelet 

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  1. hi..This is shenn, may i know where did you buy the kumihimo disk??thank you!

    1. Hi! I bought the kumihimo disk in a craft store. If you search about it there are ways you can make your own kumihimo disk. :)

    2. What's the name of the craft store you bought it from and where?

  2. I can't remember the name of the store. I bought mine years ago at Market Market but the store had already closed. Try Heavenly Stitchin' Moment at Mall of Asia. They have a variety of tools for arts and crafts.


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