Want to Dream

10:35:00 PM

You were so in love with him. You always wanted to spend time with him. You wanted to see him almost everyday. You missed him whenever he's not around. You gave him your heart and soul. You gave him the best love you could ever give. You stayed and never gave up despite all the hurt he had caused you. Most of all, you trusted him with all your heart.

You knew in your heart and mind that he is the one. You had this dream that you would be together until both of your hair turns gray. You imagined your future with him. After all, you two had been together for years now. You trusted him enough that he would never betray you.

Then all of a sudden, your dreams turned into a nightmare. Things changed between the two of you. You started seeing less of each other. You always have these fights that left the two of you broken. You didn't miss him when he's not around. You and him drifted apart. Worst of all, he betrayed you.

You could not give your whole heart anymore. You could  not give the same love you felt before. You wanted to let go and give up due to all the pain and hurt. You couldn't trust him with your heart anymore.

Then, you wake up from the nightmare.

You want to dream again but you are now afraid. Afraid that your dreams might turn into nightmare again. That nightmare that was etched in your mind. You want to forget, and to do that you have to forgive.

You forgive. You want to trust again. And still, you want to dream.

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