Youth Convention Blast

8:24:00 PM

The past week was very busy and stressful because of our Midterms exam. I admit I didn't really study that much. I don't want to be pressured again on my studies. I just wanna enjoy my time on school again. : )

I attended the school's yearly National Youth Convention. It was held at SMX Convention Center. Together with my friends, Nette, Janet and Ate Cecil, we went there to experience our first ever event. But before we went there, we dropped by Ate Cecille's house to have our hair done! It's like a special event but not really. We just want to look awesome since it's also the first time that we're going out.

Me, Ate Cecille, Janet and Nette
Pretty Girls!
I had fun curling the girls' hair. They didn't know how to curl their hair using a flat iron so I agreed to do it for them. note: Ate Cecille has naturally curly hair. hihi

At Mang Inasal
We ate first before going to SMX!

I was so stupid because I forgot to bring the ticket. I was so worried that I won't be able to attend anymore. Good thing Ate Cecille was able to get a ticket from one of the staff! : )

Our hair looks nice right? :)
Nice Shot!
The epic party shot! XD
The event ended after four hours. I was so starved because they won't allow us to bring food or even buy one! grr So we went to Burger King to satisfy our hunger.

The bf joined us!
Though it was a tiring day, I enjoyed my time with the girls. The boyfriend and I decided to go at Timezone to have some fun before we went home!

Now that exams were over, I'm enjoying my time playing my favorite MMORPG! : ))

Cute and matching costumes!

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