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My phone died on me a week ago and I really need a new one! I won't say that I can't live without my cellphone, but it's just so inconvenient not to have one these days. So I checked out reviews about the cheap phones in the local market that would suit my budget. I was just looking for a simple cellphone with a good quality and would last maybe for a year or two. I ended up buying a touch screen phone instead and I wasn't disappointed that I got one.

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This touch screen phone is my|phone T23 duo. It's key features are of course the touch screen, active dual-SIM,  shortcuts to social networking sites, 2MP camera, Java capability, and Pinoy features. You can visit my|phone's website to see the full specifications and features.

I'm not yet ready to review this phone. I just bought it yesterday with the bf so I have to try it first for a couple of weeks. It was on sale so I bought this for only Php2488. For me it was a great deal for a touch screen phone. So far, the touch screen feature is responsive and the interface is user-friendly. I already installed Java apps and games and I was surprised that they really work! I even installed Opera Mini and did a little trick(thanks to the power of internet and forums) so that I can browse sites.

I'm still not used to the touch screen mode but soon I'll master it. lawl. I'm not sure of the phone's quality but I read positive reviews so I guess I shouldn't worry for now. We had my|phone cellphones and until now they are still working. I'm just thinking how long it will last since it was a cheap phone. Nevertheless, I'm happy to have it.

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