Vacation, Finally!

8:08:00 PM

Oh yes I'm excited! I totally survived the second semester. I'm happy that I will end it without any hesitation nor disappointment. I studied hard (not too hard though) so that I can at least get good grades. Hopefully when I see the much awaited(?) grade slip, I will grin from ear to ear. 

Just like the Cheshire cat. Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) ♥
This entry is sort of a review. Maybe a flashback or reminiscing my first school days. Everything started with the enrollment process. I was accompanied by the boyfriend and we went there at noon. Good thing I was assisted by his friend and classmate before who works there now. She's really nice. I had the feeling that this decision of going back to school would be a good one. It was during enrollment when I met my sister friend Ate Cecille. I think we're really meant to become friends and she's my long lost big sister. And if not for her, I might not survive my stay at that school.

Then came the big day - First day of school. I wasn't that excited. I felt nervous. Too bad Ate Cecille didn't have classes during Mondays so I was all alone. I didn't wear the school uniform (I'm not used to it yet!) and because of that my first day was almost a disaster!

Well, I gained a lot of friends. My first day disaster didn't really affect the entire semester. I met interesting people. I also met disgusting ones. Most of them became my close friends. Some professors are really good and there are nice ones. Some are otherwise. On my first week in school, I was already assigned as a reporter and I have to present it the next meeting. That was an early assignment. So I expected a lot of them as weeks passed by.

I said to myself that I will just focus in my studies. No extracurricular activities. Those activities are only distractions. That didn't happen. I joined this fail cheerdance competition and a Java programming contest. 

Time is running way too fast. I've just seen myself in the mirror fitting my new school uniform and now it's already vacation. I look forward to the summer adventures that my friends have planned. And most especially my boyfriend and I's 5th anniversary this coming May. Will also focus on my business venture to gain more money! I just feel great that I can rest now and my aunt is well. :)

Here's a sweet kiss for y'all friends. Pardon my face. lol
Photo courtesy of Ate Cecille

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