Merry March

8:32:00 PM

I'm hoping it would really be a merry March. Last month of the ever stressful days at school. I really hope. I don't want school days to be extended til April. Merry Vacation!!! 

So this month, I'm looking forward to many things. Let me list them in bullet form! :) 
  • more book reviews on my book blog
  • survive prefinals and final exam
  • passing high grades on each subject
  • hoping to be a dean's lister for next sem
  • disappoint someone (who is very annoying and ugly)
  • more orders to come from my Fiverr gig
  • watch award winning movies (e.g. Black Swan, The Social Network) with the bf
  • bonding time with Ate Cecille and ze girls
  • invite people on my business venture
  • withdraw money I earned from the internet to pay my internet bill! Sounds redundant! :D
I hope at the end of the month I'll have a Happy Face amidst annoying people. bleh

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