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I've been busy these past few weeks ( I think I always start my intro with this. I should prolly think of a new one! :) I'm busy everyday! Well, the one to blame would be school work/stuff but I'd rather view it positively. That means, I'm preoccupied with my studies and that's a good way to end the semester.

This blog's purpose when I started it was to update you few people or just myself of the latest happenings in my not so colorful life at school and outside it. Although it also includes book reviews and my thoughts about the entertainment scene, I know this blog is kinda lame. So, I'm thinking of posting updates about the latest trend in Information/Computer technology. Oh yes, I'm an IT student! I should be updated to this kind of stuff as well, eh? I'm still undecided because even my book blog is not always updated. meh.

Back to the topic, I joined a programming contest in java together with my classmate Errick and sister friend Ate Cecille. We joined as a team. It was fun! We didn't place at all but the experience itself makes us all winners! Also, I learned a lot from this experience. I joined different contests before but this one is actually memorable. It taught me different things about people and life itself. I think it's best to left some things unsaid.

I thought March would be merry but I guess I just have to deal with my busy life right now. I still have to invite people on my business venture. Long way to go for me! I'm just glad that the contest is over. But I guess, I just have to start again... Focus! There are lots of deadlines this coming week. Final exam two weeks from now! So yeah, til next time!  ;)

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