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Last August 26, I, together with my classmates, went to Enchanted Kingdom. It was the school's anniversary and annually it's held there. It was my first time so I was so excited and thrilled.

On the bus with Ate Elaine, Nette and Gail
With ze pretty girls!
Yeah, the magic stays with us!
This is the EKstreme Tower Ride. It was the first one we rode. I was with Ate Elaine and Nette. It's really EXTREME! At first I didn't want to ride it because it looks scary and so high! But I had to take the risk and see if I can do it. And wow! I'll never forget the feeling when we were dropped from above.

Our first ride!
Next we tried the Roller Skater. Mini version of a roller coaster. I think it's for kids. Then after, it's the famous Anchor's Away time! The line was so long. I think we waited for about an hour before we were able to ride it. That's okay because it's worth it!

We ate our lunch early so that we can ride the good ones. We only have til 3pm because the bus service will leave early since our school branch didn't have participants in the events. After we ate, we tried Flying Fiesta that made me feel so dizzy. Then we rode Rio Grande Rapids! The usual line up again!

Flying Fiesta
Ready to get dizzy!
And off we fly!
We went through this long line of people!!!
Mark, Ate Elaine and Say
Good thing I sat opposite them because these three got all the water from that dirty river. hehe I also got wet but only at the back. And since we're already wet we decided to go to the Jungle Log Jam ride.

We're ready to get wet again!!!
The water. This seems cleaner than that of Rio Grande!
Now look at the wet faces after! :)
hahaha @Nette's funny face!
All wet and sweaty, we changed outfit for the much awaited Space Shuttle Max ride! It was almost three but we're determined to ride Space Shuttle so we still lined up. Thought we're going to line up for another hour. Fortunately they decided to make way for those who will go home at 3!

Waiting for our turn
And off we ride! :)

The ride at the Space Shuttle was quite memorable. I think because it gave me a headache. Nevertheless, it's fun! We also went to Rialto. They showed Happy Feet. And so that's my first time at Enchanted Kingdom. Had to blog this long to show you guys how I really enjoyed it with friends. I hope next time I go there is with the bf and family. I'd still gladly ride those Extreme rides again! :) 

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