Dancing Twins

10:53:00 AM

I love talented and bubbly kids! So when I watched these dancing twins on the news, I searched them on the net and found their Youtube channel! When I watched their video, I remember my cute cousin named Charlz who's also as talented as the twins. After that, I keep on watching them every night. They always make me smile.

They are Justin and Jeremy Garcia. They both enjoy playing Just Dance game on Wii. They are full of cuteness. I think Justin is more of the singer while Jeremy is more of the dancer. That's an adorable tandem! I enjoy watching them. I hope these cheek-pinch worthy kids would continue to be well known for their talents. And of course they'd be good endorsers for Wii's Just Dance game. As of now, their video has more than 3 million views and counting! Wow! Check their Youtube channel for more cuteness overload videos. And here's their Facebook page.

So cute!

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