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5:15:00 PM

You read that right. This post is about Harry Potter. Again! hehe Also about other stuff.  I just wanna tell (brag actually! lol) everyone that I was able to register to Pottermore! It was last August 1 - Day 2 of the Magical Quill Challenge. So far the month of August has been good to me. The first day was awesome! Not to mention that this is also my birthday month.

I thought I could register on Day 1 but sadly I missed it because I went to church. That's okay, after all I still have six more days. Then Day 2 came, after an hour of waiting, I managed to get registered!

I am magical! I was so happy that day. It felt so good. Now I have early access to Pottermore's beta site. I just have to wait for the second email - which is the Welcome email that will give you access to the beta site. I consider this as an early gift. I can't wait for the second email. Everyone's saying that you will be sorted once you already gain access to the beta site. I want to be either on Gryffindor or Slytherin.

My look if I'd be sorted to Gryffindor! : )
I also registered some of my friends like Ate Cecille and Eula. The first username I chose was PurpleCharm67. Delson also registered on Day 2, his is FlameWing37. I wasn't planning on having a second account but when I accessed Pottermore on Day 3, I was just in time and the clue was up. Then I tried looking for the quill again. It's fun. When I registered again, the username choices were better. Now I'm HazelWing99.

I'm hoping to receive the second email soon. Another early gift for my birthday! I don't know what I really want for my birthday this coming 29th. Maybe just to celebrate it with loved ones. Well, if you'd ask me for material things I want to receive, then I have a list for you! haha Of course in bullets.
I think the boyfriend will read this. hehe.

Anyone who also found the Magical Quill? Would love to know your usernames!

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  1. lalalala, this pottermore bandwagon is quite intriguing :)) I'm a fan but not a die hard one... but the buzz that all of this is creating is making me think that I wanna join too, that maybe I'm not just another fan... HAHAHA but never mind, the early registration is done

  2. I think it's because of the hype from the last movie. Well I still love the books more than the movies! :)


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