Seriland and Goodreads Meetup

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It was a crazy week last week. Crazy because I think I was about to go insane due to our Prelim exams. The tests were quite difficult and the results were disappointing. So to treat myself, I attended Goodreads Meetup at Congo Grille El Pueblo then after my friend Uno and I went to Seriland at Manila Ocean Park.

Goodreads - Filipino Group
It was my first time to attend the Goodreads Meetup. Good thing Uno was there because I felt out of place at first. I don't think I'm good at introducing myself and I'm kinda shy when it comes to meeting new people. But after a while, I already felt comfortable talking to these awesome people who loves reading. Who wouldn't want to talk about books when you're both certified bookworms? : )

We just stayed for a while because we planned to go to Seriland after. I hoard some books that I didn't expect I'd bring home. I guess this wouldn't be my last attendance if everytime there's a meetup I'd bring home free books! hehe. Next time I'll bring books I'd share with them.

My friend Uno
Seriland - The Land of Happy Thoughts. I agree with that. We chose the Trick Art Museum. I enjoyed taking photos with the 3D paintings. Tiring but fun!  We tried different poses. It was kinda hard especially those on the floor painting. My not so flexible body hurt a bit.

Shark attack! 

With E.T.
Tearing The Mona Lisa Painting :)
Stealing Marilyn Monroe's Portrait

*Photos from Uno's cam

So that's our trip at the Trick Art Museum. There's also the Mirror Maze but we didn't go there, maybe next time. Next time I'll go there at Manila Ocean Park, it would be with the family and the boyfriend. It would be a great family bonding experience! : )

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  1. wow! this museum is so nice! where is it?

  2. It's on the second floor of Manila Ocean Park. :)


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