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Yes, I'm a witch! Ravenclaw witch here from Pottermore! :) I just checked the site again yesterday because I received an email that the last chapters of book 2 (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) are open and ready to be explored. Just to give you a heads up, Pottermore is unique and free-to-use website which builds an exciting online experience around the reading of the Harry Potter books.

I posted about my experience on signing up on Pottermore for its beta release. It's quite exciting! Waiting for the clues, finding the magic quill and getting sorted to the house where you'll belong. I got sorted to be a Ravenclaw. I wasn't that happy at first because I wanted to be a Gryffindor or Slytherin. But then, looks like the sorting hat really knows where you should belong!

So I started exploring the second book to check what's new. Besides the interactive illustrations and references to the books, J. K. Rowling also posted new information about the wizarding world that are not published on the books. Exploring the chapters made me happy especially reminiscing what happened on the books. I kinda miss reading the Harry Potter books. The series will always be one my favorites.

There are also other things you can do like practicing spells, wizard's duel, and brewing potions. I mentioned that it's quite interactive especially when exploring the chapters. You can discover things like galleons, books,  magical objects, potions ingredients, chocolate frog cards and even Bertie Bott's Flavoured Beans. Fans would know the latter ones! :) I came across a chapter where I need to get in to the Slytherin common room.   Only Slytherins are allowed so we have to make a way to enter otherwise we cannot go on to the succeeding chapters. The solution of course is to make Polyjuice Potion. Polyjuice potion allows the drinker to temporarily assume the form of another person. In that case, I needed to be a Slytherin to enter their common room. With the ingredients I found in the chapters and bought from the shop in Diagon Alley needed for the Polyjuice potion, I was able to brew my very first Polyjuice Potion! :)

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Blogging about this because I'm so happy to be updated with the website again. I miss everything about Harry Potter. I'm glad J. K. Rowling put up this website for HP fans to explore and experience being a Hogwarts student (There's even a House Cup!). For those who are new to the series and are not really into reading the books, they can explore and read excerpts from the book and know more about the wizarding world of Harry Potter through Pottermore. You only have to register to experience the magical website.

Anyone of you who has a Pottermore account? I'm HazelWing99. Just comment your username and I'll  add you as friends! Let's be friends and duel! (Btw, I suck at wizard's duel so you're sure to get more house points )

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