I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

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Nowadays, we, women, are more conscious of our body. It's important for us that we look healthy inside and out.I gained weight when I started working in the BPO industry. It made me uncomfortable because some of my clothes wouldn't fit well anymore. I have to buy new pants, dresses and undergarments. It's insane especially when you got that belly fat from not exercising at all!

I remember when I joined this contest of Sorci age by Wacoal. You see, you can fit your face on that gorgeous body and feel confident with it! ☺ I was lucky to be chosen as one of the lucky weekly winners so I got my very own pair of underwear from Wacoal. (Thanks guys!)

I have a slim body type (not that slim ok! hehe). Don't have that sexy body but I can say that I have a beautiful body in my own age because I choose to wear the right undergarments that fit my body. It's very important to be comfortable of your own skin and the best way to feel that is to feel beautiful wearing your own pair of undergarments. Well, Wacoal bras are my favorite!

Photo from Wacoal
I checked their website to look for the ones that I had but saw this one instead. I want to have it! I don't understand why I like lacy undergarments though sometimes they are itchy when worn! :) Wacoal's collection is divided into three depending on your age bracket (20's here!). I think that's cool. You get to choose the pair of underwear that not only suits your body type but also suits your age.

You can be body beautiful at any age thanks to Wacoal. Be sure to visit their website so you can choose from their product list.


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