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UPDATE! UPDATE! :) One of the things I had to give up for school works is blogging. I miss it. I miss expressing myself, my thoughts and opinion through this blog. It's just sad that I consider myself as a blogger when I don't constantly update my blog. : ( Anyway, I'm here again and excited to post about, what else, school stuff!

This semester was so crucial because I'm taking a prerequisite of our major thesis (IT Special Project) which is Software Engineering. I also took some major subjects so I really have to focus in order to pass all of those! We had our defense this week and so far, everything seems well! Although there were problems and some issues, my group was able to survive. The defense went smoothly though there were too many questions that sometimes we felt that we're not understood and it might not end well. I was actually confident with our project. Our proposed system is called Museum Gallery System. It's sort of a collection management system for museum collections and items that will help organize the records. I actually enjoyed the programming part because it was very challenging. I learned a lot because I had to do some research and lots of trial and error. It's insane but totally worth it!

The verdict of two of our defense was mostly revisions on the system. We're actually happy with it. We knew that our system is not that perfect and we still haven't done most of the validations needed. As much as possible, I don't want to talk about technical terms here. hehe I'm done with it during the defense! I just want to share some photos after the defense. All smiling and relieved!

Me, Mark, Mikko, and Ate Nian. Thesis group? :)
Yey! We did it! :)
School girl me!
The backpack the bf lent me.
That's what I usually use for school now because of the laptop.
Eyebags, tired, what else? But grateful! :)
So we thought sleepless and tiring nights are over. Not yet! We actually look forward to more sleepless nights because next semester, we'll already take our IT Special Projects. Good luck to my group. We'll do well again! :)

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