Time for us

12:20:00 AM

I am so happy and inspired today. I saw D after school just a while ago and he surprised me with a gift!

Lately we've been so busy that we couldn't really find the time to see each other. I was so busy with school because of the defense in our major subjects. He's also busy with work. He recently just got promoted (again! proud girlfriend here! ) so more work load for him. He surprised me a visit at home last Sunday but the time was not enough because my group was there and we're actually working on our project. I miss him so bad!

I'm grateful we still meet even for a short time. They are still quality time right? Those times, especially when you are with your loved ones, count the most. Anyway, we'll go out tomorrow and spend the day, afternoon, and evening together! More time for us please! : )

Needs adjustment to fit my skinny wrist
My watch is a Digital Classic Casio Model A158WA-1. So retro! The bf really knows what I like! Came with the box was a short letter from him. How sweet! He said it's a late birthday gift. I said he didn't have to buy me one but thanked him for being such a sweetie. The watch is a reminder that we'll always have time for each other no matter what. And a reminder that time will always bring us back together! haha mushy! : )

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