What to do on a sembreak?

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Rainy afternoon everyone! I've been at home for the last two days just enjoying the short break before coming back to the busy world of school. Yes, I'd be more busy next semester because I'd finally enroll the dreaded Thesis. Anyway, I wouldn't think about it for now because I'll have all the time next month to think about how my group would survive it. :)

Even before the semestral break started, I was already thinking about what to do on this little vacation from school. I said to myself, 'finally I can rest and sleep early!' Well, that's not the case because I still sleep late (due to more hours to spend on the computer/internet. hehe). I'm not being productive and I don't like it. So let me list down the things I must do before the second semester starts.

1. TV Series Marathon

While watching these tv shows would still let me spend time in the computer, at least I get to catch up on previous episodes. I just finished Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries last night. It's good! I'm looking forward to watch Season 4. Boyfriend and I have already watched the pilot episode of The Walking Dead Season 3. So far, such a good start! I understand Gossip Girl will have its final season this fall. It made me sad actually. I've watched it from the very beginning and now it's gonna end. Hopefully Blair would end up with Chuck <3

2. Make New Friendship Bracelets

I posted some of the friendship bracelets I made last summer. I did enjoy making those especially for my friends. I already have the list of patterns I'd like to make. I just have to buy more threads and buttons for the bracelets. I'm thinking of being more creative and adding some beads or chains. I'll post pictures of the bracelets when I finish! :) Also I found the kumihimo disk my friends and I bought way back in high school. I'm also excited to use it to make a different kind of bracelet. Here's a photo of the recent ones I made:

3. Read More Books!

I have like, a bunch of books on my shelf left unread. Also in my online shelf (goodreads), I've added hundreds of book on my to-read pile. I'm currently reading an ebook version of J. K. Rowling's new book - The Casual Vacancy. I find it good but very hard to read if you're not really into it. I want to finish it before I start with another. If you're not aware, I am such a bookworm. I will always love books and reading. It's kinda sad though because I hardly post any more reviews on my book blog. I hate not having enough time to do the things that I love like writing book reviews. I'm kinda hoping I can update that as well this sembreak. Next in my to read list is a book I bought from the NBS sale this year. Just covered it with adhesive plastic for protection. I care about my books you know! They are treasures.

4. Update, Clean, Organize and Rest

I want to use my free time this week as opportunity to update my blogs, clean some clutter in the house, and organize things needed for the next semester. When school works kept on coming and adding up to my priorities, I couldn't figure out what to do next. I think I have to manage my priorities this time besides school. I need to get a life where schoolworks and projects are least of my priorities. Although I need more motivation for our thesis project, it's also important to take some rest, reflect on what we have already done and find some time to do the things that will make you happy. 

For now, those our the things I have in mind that I need to accomplish. I don't know if that will make me productive or not. hehe I just want to have some time to relax so I can get enough energy and motivation for the next semester. How about you? Any plans for this sembreak?

(p.s. While I type this, I'm already thinking what to do on Christmas break. lol :D)

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  1. where do you get your thread and other accessories for you bracelet?

    1. Hi! I buy the threads from DMC store at Megamall or at any craft store.


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