First Quarter of the Year Highlights

11:20:00 PM

Happy Summer everyone! Oh how I miss blogging! I'm on a hiatus for the past few months so I really need to update. I was so busy last semester due to our thesis project which I'll discuss here later. :) Let me share first the highlights of my life this past months. I'm so eager to post now because I have nothing to do (yet) for this summer vacation.


Starting the year right! As always, celebrated new year with my family. I didn't think of any new year's resolution. haha Maybe because I don't believe in them when people do the resolution thing. I guess I always figured that things will just go into place. You just gotta accept whatever will come your way and you can always change bad habits or do new things whenever you're encouraged to do so. It doesn't have to start every new year.


Love month! I didn't celebrate Valentines. I'm too busy and preoccupied with our thesis project that sometimes I didn't even have any social life anymore. But then I was able to gain new friends especially the   other groups who invited us for overnights. Although it was very exhausting at times, I miss the overnights, movie watching, food trips, and just the time talking about how we're gonna spend time after all the sleepless nights.


Finally! After months (2 and a half months only!) of coding, debugging, and documentation, my group passed the stressful IT Special Project. Yes, it's a very special project because we really devoted our time, strength, money, and effort to this project. It resulted to not attending our other subjects, to sleepless nights, arguments within the group, and large under eye bags for me! It was an instant diet for us too. haha It changed our sleeping habits that I thought I wouldn't experience anymore (call center days...). We are very grateful because all the hard work have paid off. Thanks to our very supportive family, friends, adviser, and professors. Thank God we finally did it! It was an experience I will never forget. haha :)

I know my first three months of the year were not that interesting and exciting but I learned a lot from the things I've experienced and I got to understand  how being a programmer can be like. I'm not sure yet if I want to be one when I graduate. Time will tell. For now, let's go practice and code!

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Shameless Plug! :) Yes, I'm not sure if I want to be a programmer! 

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  1. waaah! I'm sorry it took a long time! I got really busy these past few weeks and probably up until the end of the summer vacation.

    Just as promise, here I am.

    First thing, what you've experienced there is what we call the "ups and downs" of life.

    I know it's all done but I'm still happy for the success of your thesis. You and your group really did a great job.

    Hope and pray for a happy and successful life for you in the remaining months of this year.


    1. Thanks for dropping by Erwin! :) Well soon you are gonna experience the "ups and downs"! haha Especially during the thesis project. But then, I'm sure your group will pass! I'm here to support! Rock on! :)


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