DIY: Paper Roses

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Hello guys! I've been having so much time on my hands right now but mostly I spend it looking for online jobs I can do part time. My internship is almost done and I only have two more subjects left in school before graduation. One of my subject at school is Introduction to Arts where we make various artworks and crafts so I was inspired lately with some do-it-yourselfs.

I found a tutorial on how to make paper roses online while browsing for some party ideas. I thought it would be an origami rose but this one's made out of paper cutouts. Don't worry they have a template for the petals.

The template can be found on The Elli Blog. This paper rose is very easy to make and when you start making it you want to make more! I made three of them on a piece of specialty paper. You can use any paper even just a bond paper since there are coloured paper roses template available. So now here are my paper roses!

Paper roses... Oh how real those roses seem to be.. 
A little blurry. Used my smartphone. meh

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  1. waaah! If I could have another talent, I would probably wish to be more artsy.

    The problem I have with myself when it comes to arts is even if I follow DIYs, I still don't get the right form of the one I'm following. hahaha.

    Look at what you did, very identical dun sa sinundan mong DIY. very nice.


    1. Do you still remember yung mga moments natin sa multisys na need natin maging creative? Haha Good thing may internet and we get to search for some ideas :)

    2. Yeah, I remember that but most of the things I could recall from that class was me struggling to be creative. haha.

      Right. Good thing there's the internet.



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