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Last week was depressing due to the weather and we got flooded inside the house. Although only ankle-deep, it's still quite inconvenient and such a nuisance. I hope you guys are safe and the flooded streets and houses already subsided. I didn't get out of the house for days last week so I got excited when my bestfriend Eula invited me to have mani-pedi bonding with her. We went to St. Nails Nail Spa in Makati just nearby Dusit Thani Hotel.

St. Nails Interior | Grabbed from their FB page
I've been to some salons that offer nail spa before but it's my first time in this nail spa where from the moment you step inside, you will already feel how relaxing and calming the services would be. It's because of the cozy interior and their low level lighting that gives the ambiance of comfort and relaxation.

Eula and I both chose Pamper Me Now from their Bundle Me Up services. This service includes hand and foot bliss with manicure and pedicure. Before they started pampering our nails, they offered us hot tea or cold water. Also they put this hot compress on our shoulders that smelled like tea leaves. We also chose the colors of our nail polish as well as the nail arts we love to try. Then our pampering began. Also the picture taking!

My friend Eula and there is the "nail tech"

Eula's studded nails
I opted to try the caviar nails.
Our nails looked awesome, right? We wanted to try something new besides the nail art. Eula had this matte dark blue nail polish and I chose the gold caviar nails with red as the base. My caviar nails supposed to be placed only on the tip. But since my fingernails are too short, I asked the nail tech to just put it randomly on my nails hence they are not covered fully.

We were happy with our newly-painted nails and we're ready to party! Lol, no I have a class that day. It was so nice to finally have the time to bond with my friend and at the same time pamper ourselves. Well, I'm glad it was in St. Nails that we got to bond and relax! You must try it there too!

Go to their Facebook page now to know more about their services and locations. They have these hand and foot paraffin, wide selection of nail polish, as well as the now popular Gel polish we have yet to try! 

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