Hard Work Does Pay Off

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Time flies by so fast! It is November now and our graduation day is approaching. Just last month, I was having problems with my records since I was not able to submit my original transcript of records. That most important record I must submit before I graduate! Thankfully, with the bf who went with me to process it and the help of my mama, I was able to get and submit the TOR right away. Now, all I need to submit to complete the requirements is the clearance.

Looking back... I was an engineering student when I first went to college in 2006. I was also a government scholar (DOST) during that time so my parents and I need not to worry about paying my tuition fees. Besides the tuition fees, I also get book, transpo, and clothing allowances, as well as monthly stipend. So you see, I didn't have to worry about money, I just needed to focus on my studies and maintain the average grade required for the scholarship. For two years, I was able to maintain the average grade and pass all my subjects. I could say I was an achiever back then not only in academics but I also joined extra curricular activities like the ECE Chorale and other contests. And you wouldn't believe, I even joined a beauty pageant in our college week and won. hehe I've been having a great life in college until I turned 18. All I could think about was getting a job and start earning my own money. So I dropped out of college and worked in the BPO industry for two years.

ECE friends... spot me!
It was three years ago when I decided to continue my education. Going back to college is such a struggle at first. Working for two years made me independent and I had my hard-earned money to buy what I need. When I went back to school, I became very dependent. I tried to work part-time, working online as virtual assistant, but that was not enough to support my studies. My tita paid for my tuition fees and my parents gave me daily allowance enough only for transpo and one meal. I can't thank them enough for providing everything that I needed for school the second time around. I am so blessed with people who support me with my decisions in life. I worked hard and focused on my studies so I can finish it as soon as I can. This is my second chance and I will do everything to finish my studies this time.

During our first year!

Picture before going to National Youth Convention in SMX
Sportsfest 2011
At Enchanted Kingdom for the STI Anniversary

Stress-Off Party
Shooting of our video for GenPsych
I will miss our fave lunch! :)
Thesis Passed!
After our graduation pictorial
Just a few pictures of my college life at STI Global. I will surely miss these people whom I get to be friends with and I hope we continue to stay in touch.

Graduating from college as we all know is not easy. We encountered difficulties inside and out of the classroom. I experienced a lot of things as I went along the way of becoming a degree holder. Some of those things are challenges that tend to pull me down and discourage me from pursuing my goals. But I did stand my ground and face those challenges and won them eventually. I am very grateful to say that despite the inevitable challenges that we face, my hard work does pay off.

I want to congratulate my friends who will also graduate this coming November. I am sure our parents and those who supported us are very proud. Because all their hard work has also finally paid off! 

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  1. Medyo similar pala ung story natin. I also stopped after two years in PUP-T. I also worked for a year in a BPO industry. haha

    Pero congrats talaga! Happy Graduation! I'm very sure you have a bright career ahead of you.



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