My 2013: In A Nutshell

7:18:00 PM

I am back from blogging hiatus! It's been a while and I've been so busy with my new job. This year has been one of the most challenging years I had. There are many trials, surprises, and achievements. Learned a lot of things and lessons this year I wanted to share. But before that, let me greet everyone a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!

Just thinking about the events of this year makes me realize how fast the days had gone by. Started out my year with a Passed verdict for my thesis. Those months when I didn't get to have a social life because of everyday coding and debugging to make sure our system won't get any errors during our defense. Though it was a very tough time for me due to some personal problems, I still appreciate the fact that I was able to focus and continue with my studies. Last summer, I was not able to go on vacation but I made sure that it would be productive. I joined this group part time thing where we do software development. It was not easy. We encountered so many challenges. I'm still grateful I joined the group because I learned a lot from the experience. I learned that no matter what problems you encounter in your life, you must not give up and just continue to face all the challenges. You just gotta have faith!

June came and I was back to school. My last semester in college was a blast! This was the time to enjoy my last days as a student. I attended lots of events with my friends. I only have two more subjects left plus my internship so I had more free time. Then finally our graduation day approached! The much awaited moment. Finally all the hard work paid off!

I shared my Year in Review on Facebook and most of my posts were about my college life. I said that this year for me is all about pursuing goals and achieving dreams. Reflecting on that, I am now in the phase of my life where I want to start a life-long career, not just a work or job I have to go to everyday. Well, God work in mysterious ways. Even before I graduated, I already landed a job. It was unexpected and I almost didn't get the job when I missed the first scheduled interview. They called me several times before I finally answered. It was a blessing and an opportunity for me to start my new career. Thank you Lord for this special gift before the year ends.

Only a few hours left before the new year begins. Another year will pass and a new journey we have to face for the year to come. It's now the time to turn another page in our life story. Make sure we write a good one this year! Happy New Year! 

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