Outbreak Missions: Operation Stronghold at Intramuros

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Wow! I'm back from my short hiatus! I missed blogging and I am excited to share my recent "zombie adventure". A lot had happened lately that really brought me down. I've lost my lola and my tita just recently. I have not totally accepted their passing and I still shed a tear whenever I think about them. I am just relieved that their pain and suffering are gone now and wherever they are, they are happy and at peace.

Anyway, with all those things in my mind, I know I have to move forward. This is a start. Life is full of sorrow and pain, but without pain, there is no joy. Things happen for a reason.

Okay, back to the "zombie adventure". I need some adventure and things that will keep me from thinking a lot of the sad things this year. It was my friends at work, Chepot and Monique, who asked me to join the Outbreak Missions. I have heard about it before from my other friends but just could not get the chance to know more about it until I found myself registering for the said event with our group.

The registration fee is P1000 for each participant which includes FREE Outbreak Missions Souvenir Shirt, Stainless Outbreak Missions Authorization Card, and “Life Representing” Flag Belt. "Alive" finishers get a collectible dog tags. Let me tell you now. If you are up to a one of a kind adventure, Outbreak Missions is the one for you. The fee is certainly worth it!

Access card, t-shirt, and freebies.
Our mission Operation: Stronghold was held at Intramuros last April 5. Based on what I have read around, it's the third from the series of missions Outbreak Manila has recently started. The first is called The Adarna Initiative and second is The Narrows. To know more about the story and mechanics of the mission, you can visit their website or Facebook page. Our mission this time is to find the doctor, evade the brotherhood, and get the strain. The overall objective is to survive the mission with at least one life left.

We chose Wave 7 which starts at 11PM. We arrived an hour earlier for registration and also to roam around the activity area and visit the booths and take pictures before we enter the zombie apocalypse zone. There are freebies from sponsors. We also got one extra green life from Mogu Mogu by buying two bottles. You have to drink and finish the two bottles before they give you the extra green life. The lives we got here were really helpful when we were halfway the mission.

Registration Area
Chepot, Monique, Ghi, and Bf
Securing our "lives" before we start.
Here's Chucky! We took only one zombie picture.
Entrance to the Stronghold
Upon entrance, we were briefed by two soldiers and gave us instructions, tips, and provided the rules of the mission. "Do not use your friends as human shields" said one of them and everybody shouted and laughed with their teams (we were grouped in tens). Then we came out and met the lovely Dr. Vera Adarna.

Inside the fortress with my team. It was a bit dark.
Dr. Vera Adarna is lovely but looked stressed because her husband Dr. Alfonso Adarna.
Now after this, here comes the real zombie adventure. I was a little nervous at first because it was really dark and I don't want to trip when I run due to the uneven road. We were given a map with grid lines that did not really help that much even though they gave coordinates. After all, there were marshalls who would direct us. Soon we faced a street full of zombies. We planned to stay within our group but the moment you see the zombies, your adrenaline rush would kick in and we started running in different directions trying to avoid the zombies.

That first encounter was really exciting. Some zombies will really chase you, others would try to surprise you but would not really follow you. The first stretch includes only a few zombies but of course it was not a guarantee that you would be able to get past them especially if you were left behind alone to face them. I was out of breath after as I was not able to do a warm up. I got past this with my three lives still intact. However, our friend Chepot was injured when she tripped. This was the part I like the most and the parts of the mission that I know I have an advantage because the boyfriend and I went for morning runs every week to prepare for this part where we play "patintero" with the zombies.

We were then led to travel on top of the walls. That was actually a long walk but for me it was the time to catch our breath and prepare for the zombies to come. Only that, the surface was uneven and it was too dark. The flashlights became handy and let us see some holes in the ground that would have tripped us. The walkathon also provided us a rare glimpse of old Manila.

During our walk, we passed by some NPCs (non-playing characters) who were convincing us to get this red arm badges in exchange of one life of any member from our team that could help us get past by the brotherhood. We were not sure to believe them at first but since we still have enough extra lives we decided to give it a try and gave one extra life. It was actually a smart decision because when we faced the members of the brotherhood, they let us passed as long as we have the red badge. I'm not sure what happened to the others without the badge but as we walked I see that there are lots of life flags scattered in their area.

Then came to the part I hate the most. We were led to the area wherein our task is to avoid the white light. When the zombies see us on the spotlight, they would chase us and have the chance to seize one of our lives. Teams were hesitant to cross because it was also really dark and the only light source was those three spotlights. My teammates already crossed the area and I was following my boyfriend but before I even rushed to avoid the white light, I was pushed by a group of runners and fell down. I think I even rolled on the ground. One of zombies saw me and helped me stand until I was assisted by one of the marshals. They assisted me to the medics. Along the way I was caught by the light and one of zombies took advantage and seized one of my life flags. The medics sprayed water on my wounds on both my palms and my right elbow. Fortunately, I did not have any sprain that would have keep me from running and I don't have wounds on my knees though I have a large bruise.

After this, my boyfriend didn't want to leave me alone anymore even when running but that's impossible. I told him I was fine though my wounds hurt a bit. We then walked to this part where we saw most of the teams were huddled together. They were hesitant to proceed to the corner of the street where some NPCs and marshals were waiting. Some of the marshals were already shouting at them to proceed and as soon as we followed, zombies were running toward us that I separated with my bf and ran in the opposite direction. I was forced to run to the right direction because we're not allowed to go back. As soon as we turned left, zombies were waiting for us on a long stretch of road. Patintero time again with the zombies! My favorite part. I passed this part and secured my life flags. I have two lives left. My other teammates also lost some of their lives during the white light course and this part but all of us are still "alive".

We were then led to this part wherein this time, we need to follow the red light or else... you know what's next. So we went along and followed the red light until it stopped for a few seconds then went out. Everybody ran for their lives! hehe When we reached the safe area, my team felt relieved because no one lost a life flag.

We walked to the park where we saw the rebels and told us about the brotherhood's aim to use the cure to control the zombies to protect us. We were confused and undecided who to believe. The rebels whose aim is to get the strain and cure the zombies or the brotherhood who aims to get the cure to protect us. The rebels told us to go to Fort Santiago to meet Dr. Alfonso Adarna.

We raced toward Fort Santiago and NPCs as well as the drunk Dr. Alfonso were already explaining the task we need to complete. If we are on the brotherhood's side, we just need to acquire the three ingredients from the three different parts of the park. If we are for the rebels we need to complete three plus another one outside the park. It's up to us to decide what ending we should choose. So we ran towards the park and most of the zombies there I guess were already tired so we easily passed that area but I lost another life!

We went to the three parts of the park but just acquired one of the three ingredients which was the red powder. Too bad the other teams did not follow the rules and nothing was left for us to hunt. We just decided to continue without the other ingredients because most of the teams from our wave did not also acquire the other ingredients.

We then left the area and were led to this mini park outside just beside Manila bay. Time for photos!

Huhu itsura! Sakit ng sugat ko!
TL Emcee with her pretty niece Alyssa
Boyfie and I
I thought after we arrive there, no more zombies since we were all tired and it was already almost three in the morning. Teams were stuck in the finish line undecided whether to choose the brotherhood or rebels. We finally chose the rebels for the thrill and challenge besides that was what we paid for. I don't know what happened to those who chose the brotherhood. But for us who chose the rebels, we need to go inside a chamber where we can get the last ingredient. The catch, lots of zombies were lurking, waiting to seize your life flags remaining. According to the NPC, the zombies are deaf but they have sharp eyes. We don't need to run, just walk but not slowly. I don't get it.

Most of my teammates have three lives left. I have two lives left one red and one green. We went inside the chamber and there were lots of zombies. We just walked a little slow. When we were about to reach the exit this gay zombie seized my green life. One life flag left for me.

Zombie or ghost? hehe
We reached the rebel lady and asked for the ingredients but most of the teams only got one or two ingredients so she just bargained us to give her our ingredients and that would be enough for all the teams already there in her area. Everyone agreed and then we went to the last part where there's this rebel waiting with the last ingredient we need to make the cure. He mixed the ingredients to make the cure and asked for a volunteer to give it to the zombie they have captured. The volunteer gave the cure to the girl zombie and voila! She was cured! And the cheers and shouts began. We survived!

All members of our team survived and are "Alive". The extra lives were helpful and I must say our team work though not that evident had been effective. We lined up to get our dog tags and finally the loot bag with the t-shirt and freebies from Sponsor. We were very happy and satisfied of the outcome!

Our team! Pata-Team, Team-awa. LOL ALIVE FINISHERS!!!
I really enjoyed our zombie adventure. Intramuros made it more memorable. The setting was very fitting to the theme and made the adventure more exciting. I just find some of the participants very hyper and some overreacted that resulted to other runners getting injured.

Overall, it was a one of a kind experience. Although it was really physically-demanding and exhausting, this role-playing zombie adventure will definitely test your decision-making and survival skills. The NPCs played their roles seriously and they were very professional which would really make you play your part seriously as well. And the stars of the event, the zombies! They were creepy! I'm not really scared of zombies. You know that they were just people with prosthetics but once you were already on the scene, you couldn't help it but run and look for escape! I would love to join again next Outbreak Missions. How about being one of the zombies?

This was an experience that I know would be truly unforgettable. Who knew I could survive a live action zombie adventure. Besides, I still have the bruises, wounds and eventually scars to prove them. ^_^

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