20 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever

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"True friends are hard to find".

Well, literally in my case, since most of my friends are "hard to find" sometimes just because I don't see them often. Or they don't see me at all! We are just busy people. I believe that even though you do not see them as often as before but once you get to see them, there will be no difference especially for those who I consider my true friends. Distance and time do not really matter.

I may have lots of friends but only a few that I can call my best friends. Sometimes I wonder how they considered me their best friend. What qualities did I possess to be the winner of their best friendship award. I am no Miss Friendship who can be friends with anyone but I am very approachable and trustworthy.

I am very lucky to have best friends whom I can always count on and will listen to my never ending stories. Being the best friend can be a responsibility. It may take years and lots of experiences together before someone can consider you as their best friend. Now, I miss my friends!

Anyway, here's my list of the 20 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever!

1. Listen first, before you say anything
Sometimes all we need is someone who would listen to us rave or rant. I'm glad my best friends are great listeners. It just shows that they are eager to know more about what happens in your life and in return would be very happy to share their experiences with you.

2. Give compliments
We feel happy whenever our friends agree and compliment us in different ways. It can be because of your new dress, hairdo, or even your new boyfriend! Give compliments now and then. It feels great to hear them.

3. Be honest
Your compliment can make your friend's day but it's important to be honest as well. I'm sure your friend will appreciate it.

4. Keep your promises
Especially, if it's something really important to your friend. Most people tend to break promises but try not to be most people and become a trustworthy best friend.

5. Laugh at their jokes.. sometimes :)
This one is important! ha ha Don't embarrass your friend, you are the best friend! Laugh at their jokes not at them... sometimes! ;)

6. Be happy for them
You could be best friends but you still have different choices in life. Learn to be happy for them and accept their decisions.

7. Give sensible and good advice
We need this all the time. We may have different choices but sometimes your friends will need your advice before they decide.

8. Be an inspiration
It feels great when your friend's parents approve of you because they can see that you are a good influence. Inspire them to do well and encourage them to be themselves just like you are.

9. Respect 
Respect begets respect. Respect your friends for who they are. You have different personalities and there are times you don't get each other but you should always remember to respect their decisions.

10. Forgive them
You friends are not perfect just like you. Do not let simple misunderstanding or even arguments ruin your friendship. Learn to forgive as how you've learned to accept them for who they are.

Ok.. here's the fun part of the list especially for girl friends.

11. Eat together
Eat at restaurants you haven't been to or just go out and have a simple dinner with them. Share your meal or bring them sweet treats.

12. Watch movies
Whether in the theater or just at home, it's nice to talk about the movies you just watched with your friends. It's also a good movie experience when you're with them.

13. Exercise together
I learned recently that it's best to go to the gym with your friends. Working out together makes it a lot more bearable.. and fun!

14. Take an adventure with them
It could be something you have not experienced together like a roller coaster ride or island hopping.

15. Sleepovers
Pajama party! Then you get to share experiences and talk about a lot of things until you feel sleepy.

16. Like their posts
You are the number one liker! Add a comment for additional touch. :)

17. Get "kilig" with them
This one I miss the most especially back in high school. You just can't get enough of the kilig moments back then.

18. Treat them
Once in a while it's also important to treat your friends. Make them feel happy and special.

19. Do not be "Tokis"
It's almost the same as keeping promises but sometimes you do not have to make promises. It's enough to stand by your word and do what you say.

20. Communicate - A real friend calls
Communication is very important. You are both busy with your own lives but make sure that you still let them know that you care. A simple text message or a short call. Even a shout out on your FB posts or a tag on your throwbacks. It's important to let them know that you are the best friend whom they can always count on.

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