Happy 2016! And a Look Back on My 2015

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First, I want to greet everyone a happy and prosperous New Year! Yes I know it's already Feb but some have just celebrated Chinese new year so I am not too late on my greeting yet. I was so busy the past couple of weeks because I have a new job! Finally after two years of working hard, thank you Lord for this blessing.

Last year was pretty good with me. A lot of first times and traveling I guess. I'm hoping I can travel more this year and do things I haven't experienced. For motivation, here's a look back to my 2015.

Here I am with the QA team. It was a good start of the year when I received the news that I got in to the QA post in my previous company. The best however was meeting these two.
My first time wakeboarding!
This was fun! My previous company held the summer outing at Nuvali so we had the chance to try out wakeboarding for free. I'd love to go back there.
One of the highlights of my 2015 was when we went to Baguio last May to celebrate our anniversary. It was my first time in Baguio so I was really excited for this trip. 
A bit foggy. Not sure if it was really fog/smog or just my camera phone. hehe
For our anniversary dinner we went to Cafe by the Ruins Dua. D loved their hot chocolate. Of course we tried their strawberry shortcake.
We had the chance to try the Treetop Adventure and I would definitely recommend you try this out the next time you plan to go to Baguio. 
After our canopy and silver surfer ride in Treetop, we went to Choco-late de Batirol for lunch and for our hot choco fix. It was really cold that afternoon because it rained and we're soaked from the treetop rides.
I so love this photo with the St. Bernard in Mines View Park. The dog was so sweet to us that he/she (not sure with the gender) pushed himself to us so we can carry him. :) 

It was my first time to attend the Manila International Book Fair last September. Happy gal there with the boyfriend and more books.
Last year was the boom of adult coloring books and I jumped on the bandwagon. 
Even back in high school and college I already love writing and hand lettering so when I saw brush lettering photos on Instagram I thought it's something I can learn. Well after a few months of practicing, I made progress but I'm not yet a pro.
Of course, I won't forget our trip to Hundred Islands last November. I posted about our experience on my previous post so go and read!
Another year had passed and a new year to look forward to. I'm hoping for more adventure and great experiences to share with my loved ones this year. Happy 2016!

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