Travel Diary: Boracay 2016

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Super late post about our trip to Boracay last May! Yeah I know, it's already August but it's not too late to post about our adventure in Boracay. Actually I will just be sharing the video I made and some of my favorite photos of our trip.

First here's the video I uploaded. I bought the Supremo 1 Action Camera for this trip.

We booked this trip two weeks before our departure date that's why it costed us a lot especially the airfare. And since we are already running out of time to plan for this vacation, we opted to book via a travel agency (Shadow Travel and Tours). Our accommodation and travel to Boracay were a breeze thanks to Shadow Travel and Tours.

We stayed at Patio Pacific Boracay located at Station 1. Not a beachfront hotel but  just a mere 5 minutes away from the white beach. I like their buffet breakfast and the rooms are clean. They also have a pool with jacuzzi and poolside recliners where you can relax after a long walk on the shore.

We only stayed in Boracay for 3 days and in our last day we needed to board the flight back early because it's election day. I couldn't miss it!

Day 1: We tried parasailing. It's scary AF! Though I had fun and even had the guts to take videos from above. I still enjoyed it and would love to try it again.

Day 2: ATV ride plus helmet diving. The BF also tried the go-kart. What I love most about this day was the private beach which was the stop over of our ATV ride. The location is just near Puka beach which we haven't had the time to visit but the golden sand of the private beach was as pretty and inviting.

On our third day we woke up early and just walked along the shore. Even early in the morning there were already kids and natives making sand castles. After the long walk, we ate breakfast and waited for our ride back to the boat station.

This was a really memorable trip for me. I didn't expect a lot in this trip but now it left me wanting to go back. Until the next time Boracay!

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