New year, new beginnings

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First let me greet the readers of this blog (if there's any haha) a happy Happy New Year! I think I ate a lot on new year's eve that's why I am so motivated to update this blog. Well I kinda miss blogging. I have lots of things to share - new experiences, travels, new restaurants, books, movies, tv series, random things, etc. I need an outlet again because I would love to look back one day and read what I wrote and I know it would make me feel inspired again to face life in general.

Okay, that's a bit dramatic. I just want to document the things I am planning to start this year, hence the title. I have some in mind and hopefully I can update this post when I think of something new to start this year. Of course you can start anytime but the thought of a brand new year to start on things to do is more motivating and encouraging. Yeah, so here goes my list:

  • 52 Weeks Money Challenge - I put it at the top of my list because I really want to finish it at the end of the year. My priority this year and the years to come is to save money to build a new house for our family. Our house is a pamana to my papa by our grandparents so it's old and needs huge renovation. Instead of renovation, my dream is to give my parents and our family a new home. 

  • Bullet Journal - I've been "journaling" lately and I really enjoy doing it. I also get to practice my brush lettering skills. Then while browsing on instagram, I came across this bullet journal thing that is becoming more popular for journal and planner enthusiasts. To learn more about it, I watched youtube videos and read lots of blogs on how to start one. Go ahead and also visit the creator's website to know more about this craze in the planner community. I sort of had a dry run last December at work. I just printed out a calendar and started "bujo" (slang for bullet journal). I found it really useful and I am so surprised it worked for me because I did accomplish a lot of things at work that I was not expecting to finish. I'll be using two planners for my bujo - The Giving Journal I got from drinking lots of coffee from Coffee Bean and the other is a gift from my boyfriend, Jacinto & Lirio.

  • 2017 Goodreads Reading Challenge - I've been taking part the Reading Challenge in Goodreads annually and this year is no exception. However this year, I am hoping to finish my goal for the challenge. I feel bad that I didn't get to complete the challenge last year. Not just last year but the past three years, I am a complete failure. This year I set my goal to 25 books. That's not a lot but I know I can do it this year. Just see my goals last 2011 and 2012 where I get to complete the challenge.

I can only think of three things right now not including the usual lose weight, eat healthy, exercise, stay fit. Yeah, you know the drill! I hope this list would also give you idea on what you can challenge yourself this year. I am pretty sure there would always be challenges in life but why not add some that would keep you more organized, well read and would make you almost 69 thousand richer at the end of the year ;)


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