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It was October last year when I decided to buy a menstrual cup. I searched online and found the Sinaya Cup which I believe is the only one so far available locally. So why all of a sudden I wanted to try the menstrual cup?

That last October, I have a planned trip to Boracay with friends. I realized the trip will happen the same week of my dreaded monthly period (I have regular period). I was already thinking that I will not enjoy our trip. So I searched online and found a solution, a menstrual cup - the Sinaya Cup.

Yeah, at first that was my only reason. But after a lot of research online, I found that the Sinaya Cup could not only help me enjoy that trip but it could also change how I deal with my period every month. Funny thing was I got my period a week earlier before the said trip. What a relief, right? Still, I am really decided to try the Sinaya cup.

I bought the small size
It's been three months now since I first tried it, so I am happy to share my experience. I will only share my personal experience on how I use mine. I would not go over the details and everything about menstrual cups. However, I suggest you head over to Sinaya Cup website and check their FAQ if you have doubts and have questions before purchasing one.

I would say I have full 7 days menstruation. I use my Sinaya Cup only during the first four days when I have heavy to moderate flow. On my fifth to seventh day, I use pantyliner because I only get spots during these days. FYI, I still use a pantyliner while using my Sinaya Cup. Some may prefer to use the menstrual cup alone if it's been inserted properly without any leakage. For personal hygiene, I actually use pantyliner everyday even without my period.

There are a lot of folding methods available that I saw online to help easily insert the menstrual cup. I use the C-fold method because it's the easiest and I have more control of the cup when inserting. Honestly, the first time I tried it was a bit uncomfortable. My advice is to just relax and calm yourself. Don't panic.

First, I soak my Sinaya Cup in hot water for about five minutes to sterilize it. You can also boil it in water (before and after usage). Then I squat down and find the most comfortable position to insert the cup. At first it was really a challenge. I didn't really know if I was doing the right thing. Gladly, I did insert it properly the first time. To make sure there was no leakage, try to feel the sides of the cup. Use your fingers to push the cup higher or lower. I know this is really uncomfortable especially the first time. It takes getting used to. Just feel confident about yourself and your own skin. You can do this!☺

The first day of using it, I felt like I was hiding something from within me. haha I know that sounds so weird. But I didn't feel a thing though! I went to work that day to test if it will move position and I would have leakage. I didn't have a leakage not until after I arrived home. I noticed there's already a spot on my pantyliner. I used it I think for almost 11 hours. But since it's my first day, the flow is heavier. It was advised to remove it after not more than 12 hours. It would still depend on your flow that day.

For me, the insertion is easier compared with the removal of the Sinaya Cup. I don't know, maybe it's just me. I get uncomfortable during the removal. After using it for almost four months, I now have my own technique of insertion and removal. To remove the Sinaya Cup, I also squat and then I push my muscles down there until I can feel that it's almost out of the opening. Then I pull it with the stem. The first time I removed the cup was a mess! Blood all over the bathroom floor! haha I didn't know the muscle push back then so I just tried to pull and pull the stem until I have blood everywhere.

Here are my pros and cons of using the Sinaya Cup:

  • No more "tagos"! Especially when you sleep. Hassle free beauty rest! :)
  • Save more since you don't have to buy sanitary napkins
  • Less cramps for me but it could be different with other women
  • No worries when swimming, travelling or any other physical activities
  • Feels fresher down there during period
  • Eco-friendly
  • Life changing!
  • Discomfort at first use
  • Exert more effort in the insertion and removal of the menstrual cup
After using the Sinaya Cup, I recommended it right away to my friends. The best thing for me is I can now sleep comfortably during my period. Swimming and travelling is now hassle free. I also noticed that I have lesser menstrual cramps after I started using the Sinaya Cup. Overall, it has been a life changing experience for me! I encourage you to try it and experience it for yourself.

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