Bohol 2017 Day 1 - City Tour: Chocolate Hills, Tarsier, Loboc Floating Restaurant, Man-made Forest

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Finally got the chance to post about our trip to Bohol last month! This trip was really memorable and I would say one for the books. We had a simple itinerary because we wanted to just relax and truly enjoy our much needed vacation. I wasn't really expecting much (we only had 4 days to stay in this beautiful and peaceful island) but I was so excited to see the famous landmarks and of course the Tarsier! 

We booked our flight to Bohol last year during a seat sale. It wasn't planned though. We just thought, okay we haven't been to Bohol so Bohol it is! Even the dates were unplanned. We just chose the dates with the cheapest fare. Originally we were planning for a Cebu-Bohol trip. We decided eventually that we'll just explore Bohol for this trip because we wouldn't have enough time to make a side trip in Cebu.

For this trip I am with boyfriend and third wheeling us is our friend Gabe. Gabe wanted to go scuba diving. I think he booked with Genesis Divers and had a great experience. He said he would definitely go back and would try other diving sites.

This is gonna be a heavy photo post so, shall we start?

Climb 214 steps to the view deck
We didn't book ahead for our city tour. We opted to just be spontaneous and book the tours once we landed in Tagbiliran. We paid Php 2000 for the city tour package that includes a car/van and driver that would take us to the tourist spots in Bohol. We personalized our tour and just went to the sites that we want. Since the tour was exclusive to the three us, it wasn't rushed and we did enjoy the sceneries and the tourist spots we visited. If you are traveling with a group, of course the tour package fee can be divided amongst your group although the fee could be different based on how many you are.

To save time, we went to the farthest spot first. We left the airport around 7:30 AM. It took almost 2 hours drive (I'm not sure) to our first destination. Our first stop was at the Chocolate Hills viewing deck! What a stunning view! Entrance fee is Php 50.

The climb to the top was worth it! There are lots of tourists as expected. The weather was kinda gloomy that day but that didn't hinder us to enjoy the great views. Next we went to the Butterfly Conservation Center. This was an educational trip. Too bad we didn't see lots of butterflies which I was really expecting. Since it rained earlier, the butterflies were hiding. Entrance fee is Php 45. The fee includes one funny guide :) Now I know how to differentiate a moth from a butterfly.

Next we went to the Tarsier Conservation Area in Loboc. While writing this post, I learned that this was not the official Tarsier sanctuary in Bohol. I suggest you avoid this one and instead go to the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella Bohol. Please don't be like us and do your research. I am so sad I thought we supported the official one. 

Now on to the man-made forest. No entrance fee but you gotta be careful posing for the camera. This is what you call buwis-buhay photo op. :) The trees are along both sides of the main road. You need to wait for the cars to pass before posing in the middle of the road.

Our last stop was at the Loboc Floating Restaurant just in time for lunch. The lunch fee was not included in the tour package. We paid Php 450 per head. Don't expect much on the food though. What you would pay for is the river cruise experience. I miss the fresh air and the greens surrounding the river. We had a great time here.

It was a productive day overall. After the city tour, we drove to Panglao island where we would stay for the next 3 days. Would I recommend the city tour? Yes for the first timers in Bohol. It's a must to support local tourism and to experience the famous tourist spots in Bohol. 

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