A little RESPECT will do

9:13:00 PM

I should be doing my Basic Computer Concepts so called research paper instead of this. However, I can't help but rant about some things in my life. lol

Seriously, I was really mad this morning. I had this class which I don't really like or should I say I really hate. I'm not pertaining to the subject which is Discrete Math (I like Math!), it was this block section where we were enrolled unfortunately.

These kids are really annoying. They are so noisy everytime our professor is discussing our lesson. They keep on hovering around the classroom like stupid dogs. There's also this stupid boy who keeps on making stupid remarks to our teacher. Most of them are so stupid. And fucking disrespectful.

I didn't mean to be evil. I'm just telling the truth.

I don't know why it's very hard for them to respect our professor or even just those students who wanted to learn. Our professor is very kind and has this long patience which I don't really have when it comes to those kind of people. Some will mock you and some are just disgusting like their face.

It's obvious that I'm really mad. 

My cute, angry cat face while typing this.
Well, who the hell will not when your friend was insulted by one of them. I was also insulted the fact that they won't listen.

If you can't respect others just shut your fucking mouth.

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