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When I was browsing for a new tv series that's worth watching, I saw a review about this new show inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. Last year, I read the book (which was awesome!) so I'm quite interested in this new series. I'm fond of Sherlock Holmes' adventure with Dr. Watson in the book. I borrowed the book from my close friend Yumi who likes classic fiction books. That was a thick one and the print was quite small. It took me a month before I finished it!

Sherlock was awesome (just like the book)! I watched it with my boyfriend and I'm happy he liked it too. Since it was inspired by the classic fiction novel, the theme of the series was the usual adventure of the two main characters at solving crimes but with a modern twist. I liked the concept of a contemporary story and having suitable actors for Sherlock and the other characters. I think the actors were great portraying the classic characters. They gave justice for the two (unlike Sherlock Holmes, the movie, though RDJ and Jude Law were great actors as well).

Sherlock Holmes was played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Dr. John Watson by Martin Freeman. I'd say they have chemistry! They played the role well which made the show more adventurous and interesting. We had some good laughs and eventually imade us sleepy. hihi! The first season only had three episodes. Each was a good hour and a half! Since the series had good reception and high ratings, the second season is scheduled to broadcast this autumn. I'm excited! Meanwhile, please visit Sherlock's website The Science of Deduction for some mind-boggling puzzles. : )

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