New Year, New Hairstyle

3:55:00 PM

December break is over but I'm not so enthusiastic about it. It's back to school again which I really don't wanna talk about because when I arrived at school a while ago, I don't have any class anymore. I only have one class today which is too bad it only lasts an hour. Did I just talk about school? lol

So, the disappointed I just went to the mall in front of the school to reward myself. I went to Tony & Jackey to get my hair done! And now, here's the new hairstyle.

Just ignore the face! I'm really satisfied with their service. The Korean stylist who did my hair was really nice and she knew what would look good on me. I showed her the photo of the hair I want. I told her I want a side fringe. She cut it too long which didn't look like bangs anymore. She said if she cut it too short it wouldn't look good on me (I just translated that for her because she doesn't speak too much english). She's nice because she still cut it a little shorter for me. Then after the whole styling session she asked me, "you like?" I smiled and answered yes with a thumbs up! My hair is still long despite the layers in front which I really like. I can't find a nice photo of my before hair so just look at the new hair again! : )

grr. I have a zit just above my lips.
By the way, my hair smells good today! I like the smell of their shampoo/conditioner.

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  1. hey I just wanna kno which hair cut is this???

  2. Hi. The hairstyle is under the Long Hair section. I don't know what's it called though.


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