Back to School

8:42:00 PM

First, I wanna greet all Filipinos out there. Happy 113th Independence Day! Classes for school year 2011-2012 will start tomorrow. I'm not really looking forward to it. I need more time for vacation! hehe. The last two months had not been that productive although I earned enough money to pay my bills and buy new things for school. 

crappy photo taken with my phone!

I bought a new bag! A big one because I pack everything even those not needed for school. lol! Saw this cute notebook with hardbound cover at NBS. There are other designs like Glee, Hello Kitty and Harry Potter. Of course I chose Harry Potter! Hogwarts so that all four houses are present. Then I bought a new umbrella. I have the habit of losing my umbrellas. Hopefully this one would be lucky not to be stolen! heh! I also bought new shoes which I'm too lazy to take pictures. 

This month started out fine until a misunderstanding with someone occurred. Well, I'll just let it pass for now. I have other important matters to think about and need more of my attention. Check bullets below :)

  • studies, studies, and more studies
  • new part time job to pay internet bill
  • more time to read books and more entries for my blogs
  • less rice, more healthy foods
  • more honest people around me
  • more happiness in my life!!! ktnxbye! : D

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