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The first week of classes has gone smoothly although some days are just plain boring. I hate Mondays (except today because of no classes)! I wouldn't talk about what happened last Monday anymore since we're okay now. Most of my major subjects don't have professors yet so we're left waiting with nothing to do. I kinda love and hate it. Love it because a three hour subject makes me sleepy. Oh yes, I'm weird like that. Hate it because I have to wake up early just to attend a class without a professor! 

Anyway, like most schools/colleges do, the first week is sort of an orientation. Unless your professor is so impatient to teach the lessons he/she prepared. Not to mention the introduction and "getting to know the students and classmates" part that I enjoy so much. Because a) it's fun when students talk about themselves b) it's also fun when students are shy and don't know what to say and c) I get loads of laughter when students pick an adjective that doesn't really describe them.

yes, I fly when I'm so ecstatic! lol
And that leads me to what this blog post is supposed to be about. You know the game where you have to think of an adjective that starts with the first letter of your name and then you have to memorize what your classmates have chosen and recite them to the class. That way you can easily remember their names - and their silly adjectives. hehe

Since my name starts with letter E, which I think lacks adjectives that can best describe me, I chose Ecstatic! Well, my second name is Joy, and sometimes I have periods of intense joy I can never explain anymore, so ecstatic fits me. Of course they don't know what the word means (definition here), one of the reasons why I chose it. lol! I considered elegant but I'm not that elegant and it rhymes with elephant. heh. I almost picked eager but I don't want the professor to think that I'm always eager to learn. haha! Some of my friends chose Neat, Sweet, Joyful, Eccentric. Others chose Lunatic, Delicious, Almighty, Da Bar, Magnetic, Elephant...

So that's my first week. I told you it's plain boring. But I guess with little fun. I missed my friends! : )

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