My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

I just finished this adorable Korean drama last week. This is now included in my list of favorite kdramas. I just love this tv series! After I watched just a few minutes of the first episode, I got hooked! Well who wouldn't be enticed with these two charming Korean artists. They really played the role well!

Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi
The story revolves around Mi Ho (Shin Min Ah), the legendary gumiho cursed because of her enchanting beauty, who wants to become a human. Then comes Dae Woong (Lee Seung Gi), a spoiled brat student who wants to become a popular action star someday, and accidentally releases Mi Ho from the photograph where she is cursed for 500 hundred years. During their encounter, Dae Woong falls in the forest that threatened his life until Mi Ho rescued him by giving him her fox bead. For 100 days, Dae Woong has to endure being with Mi Ho so that he can eventually heal and she to become a human. Trouble arises when Mi Ho and Dae Woong begins to fall in love. Little do they know that while one lives the other has to disappear.

I'm just really surprised how good this drama was! It's not the typical love story we usually watch on tv. It's a total package. There's drama, action, comedy, and a little fantasy. The actors are impressive especially Shin Min Ah. She did an outstanding job of playing the meat lover gumiho. She can be cute and bubbly but she can also be terrifying when her gumiho side overpowers her. I now have a girl crush on her! hehe

Lee Seung Gi and No Min Woo
I like Lee Seung Gi's role here. It seems to fit his personality and style. Like the boy-next-door type, a little immature and selfish, but later on became the responsible and loving boyfriend of Mi Ho and will sacrifice even his own life for love. I also like No Min Woo who played Teacher Dong Joo. I find him really attractive but he's so good looking that sometimes it seems like he isn't real. wut? haha

The humor, cuteness and the romance make this series worth watching! The last episode made me cry a lot. Especially when Dae Woong delivered this line "Even though I want to run far away, you stay on my mind and I keep coming back." Well, I can relate!

For those who like a romantic comedy series that will live up your expectations, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho would be a great choice. Nomu nomu nomu nomu chua!

Some screencaps I got here. Hoi! Hoi! Enjoy! : )

Dae Woong
Mi Ho
The fox bead
Hoy! Hoy!
The first kiss!
And the last, I think
You can watch the episodes here.

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