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It's June 13 tomorrow, start of classes, but I'm not yet prepared! I still have vacation hangover. I had fun this summer especially last month. Of course I'll never forget our trip to Tanay at JE Camp Hotel and Resort where I had so much fun. Last month was also my bf and I's anniversary and it's our first time together at Manila Ocean Park. I really enjoyed it! You see, still not ready for school! hehe

As much as I want to spend another month of vacation, I have to get ready for school. D (the bf's initial) and I went on a date this last weekend. Initially we thought of going to Greenbelt and so I can drop by to nearby malls (SM Makati, Glorietta, and Landmark) for my schoolbag hunt. Honey overslept so we ended going to Boni High Street for dinner and Market! Market! to buy my schoolbag.

Dinner at Brothers Burger
We tried Happy Lemon for the first time!
I know this post is about me going back to school but I just have to make kwento about our Happy Lemon experience. I ordered Lemon Yakult regular and he, the Milk Tea w/ Oreo Cookies. The Lemon Yakult is quite good. I liked it. However, the bf didn't like the milk tea! haha He said it tasted like tobacco! I was laughing so hard because the first time I tried milk tea years ago, I had the same reaction to the taste. So I know now to avoid the said tea.

Ok, back to schoolbag hunt. ☺ I was looking for a bag that's huge enough since I always bring a lot (besides pens and notebooks, I bring novel books, umbrella, wallet, kikay kit, etc, etc... other unnecessary things) to school. I always have my eye on bags from Follow Your Heart at Market! Market! They have great selections from shoulder bags, backpacks to travel bags all for you girls! I like their unique designs too!
I chose to buy the Charlie Tote Bag w/ Eiffel Tower Embroidery.

I call this the Eiffel Bag! | Photo by Follow Your Heart
yeah, just ignore the face!
I bought the one with the red handle! I really like it especially the Eiffel Tower embroidery. I have this dream of going to Paris someday. Hoping it would come true. For now, I have to prepare for school! :)

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