Movie Date and Dinner at Bonchon Chicken

12:09:00 PM

These days of the end of summer vacation, I'm just at home and no plans (or budget) to go out. Good thing I was able to win free tickets for the screening of Snow White and The Huntsman. Thanks to Nuffnang and Skin White! So it was a movie date with the boyfriend! :)

The free screening was held at Shangri-La Mall and I really wanted to go there not only to watch the movie but also to try the Bonchon Chicken. When we arrived, we went immediately to the resto. There were a lot of people because it was already dinner time but fortunately we're able to get seats.

Wings Ricebox (Soy Garlic Chicken Wings)
Fish and Chips Box
I was actually craving for buffalo wings. I searched the web to look for a restaurant where we can try buffalo wings when I came across Bonchon Chicken. I learned that they have a branch at Shangri-La Mall and that made me really excited to try it. We ordered the Boxed Meals. I ordered the Wings Ricebox and my boyfriend ordered the Fish and Chips Box. The two cost P145 each with drinks! Well most of the Boxed Meals are priced below P150. I think it's worth the money!

Bonchon Chicken is one of those popular restaurants that offer "twice-fried" chicken. The "double frying technique" as they call it is used to create the crispy chicken skin in the first fry and then it would be fried again but this time with the tasty sauce. Bonchon is the original double-fried chicken from Korea and tagged as the Best Chicken in America.

My verdict: Awesome goodness! The chicken was so addicting. I liked the sweet and flavorful taste of the soy garlic that will make you want more. My order was served with rice but I wanted to ignore the rice and just savor the sweetness of the chicken wings. The chicken wings were fried golden brown and the skin is really crispy. You'll hear the cracking sound when you bite! The meat is lean, not too juicy but not dry at all. I don't know if there's breading or not but there's no hint of it. Great!

The bf gave me one of his fish strips so I was able to taste it. The fish fillet is dory, also coated with the same one as my soy garlic chicken wings. It also tastes good! It came with the delicious fries that are definitely great for snacks.

Unfortunately we're not able to take photos of the interior because of the dinner crowd. After we ate, we went immediately to the cinema to get our tickets. I thought we're early but there were already a lot of bloggers who got their tickets and chose their seats. We ended up seating at the right far end from the screen.

My review of the movie here.
What honey?

Picture taking while waiting!

He's funny like that. Always in the background! haha

That face! XD The bf did something that distracted me from my own solo picture taking.
Then it's time to watch! The theater was full of bloggers! :)

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