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I started blogging just for posting photos I find interesting over the web. Then as I get the hype of it, I started my personal blog to share my thoughts and adventures in life. Little did I know that my experience in blogging could be this fun when I registered to Nuffnang.

Beyond blog advertising, Nuffnang is responsible for supporting us bloggers and bringing the best in us. Not to mention the perks and prizes when you join their amazing contests. We become creative and resourceful to win the prizes. I joined some of their contests and luckily I won some of them!

This coming May 28 is the first Nuffamily Day. It will be held at Crosswinds Tagaytay. I'm so excited when I saw this. It would be a fun day for bloggers and our loved ones! They are "Lifting Lanterns this Nuffamily Day!". 

Thanks to these sponsors who helped making Nuffamily Day possible!
I'd love to bring my boyfriend or my family but they are kinda busy that day. So I decided to just bring my girlfriends whom I really miss. We'd love to ride the NuffBus!

Me, Ate Cecille, Janet and Nette
This is why I love Nuffnang ~ a haiku for you guys at Nuffnang! :)

Why I love Nuffnang
because of bringing Bloggers
Nuffamily Day!

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