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It was the month of May when I met him. Never thought it would be the start of a great and wonderful relationship that will last longer than I've expected. The first year would always be the sweetest. Long conversations at night. Went to places we haven't been together. Little quarrels that turned into sweet embraces. Young and immature.

You will always be wonderful to me.

Felt that we could really be together as a couple. That second year, I wanted to be with you always. You're so caring and always concern. We didn't have much time but managed to stay in touch and communicate with each other. That's because...

You're Awesome.

I think this was the toughest. The third year when I had to work and you had to study. We wanted to reach our dreams but I couldn't yet. But we still continued to be there for each other. Never giving up. I'm thankful we never surrender.

You're always in my heart.

This fourth year, I thought I'd lose you. You're too busy and couldn't really find the time to even talk to me. I waited. Because I know you're worth it.

I will never forget all the good times and the bad maybe, that taught us a lot.


Those years, sometimes it's hard to remember everything that had happened. But what I will always remember is how we always wanted for this relationship to work. It's not easy. But I guess it's not that difficult because we're still here stronger than I've never imagined we could be.

This relationship is not perfect but it is Fantastic. I could never have anything like this with another.

To the guy who's been holding my hands for the last five years. Who doesn't get tired to care and express his love for me. Who misses me when I'm not with him. Who doesn't want to let go when I'm with him. And who I love with all my heart...

Happy Anniversary! I <3 you honey! :D

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  1. Awwww, how sweet! Congratulations!!

  2. ..oh, happy anniversary is more appropriate! =D

  3. I just happened to pass by your blog and found this sweet post. More power! :)

  4. Hi Jinky, Thank you!

    Hello April, thanks for droppin by and Thank you!


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