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I can't decide what to do with my hair. It's already waist length and I don't really want to cut it short. I noticed that my hair takes longer to grow after I cut it. Dyed my hair and I was advised not to get it rebonded yet because my hair will get damaged. My hair is naturally wavy and a little frizzy that's why every year it needs treatment.

I was bored and all while browsing my news feed on Facebook. I saw a friend who posted about this curler. So I got curious and researched more about it.

Box comes with 9pcs Long (11inches), 9pcs Short (7inches) & 1 Hook
When I learned how it works, I decided to buy it asap! Now I can curl my hair without using heat or chemicals!

After. Not so curly because I removed the curlers immediately.

I just curled the ends. I was kinda in a hurry so I had to remove them after an hour. You have to put the curlers on wet hair then let it dry. Better use a hairdryer/blowdryer or leave it for about two to three hours to achieve better looking curls. I think I look better with curly hair than straight. hmmm...

HAIR ROLLERS magic leverage 

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