Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

1:26:00 PM

So, what makes a brand first class? There are so many ways to prove if a brand is first class. First class brands are those who are excellent in their field.

Nuffnang has been the leading blog advertising in Asia-Pacific. With more than 100,000 blogs from different countries, Nuffnang serves video based advertising which can really attract attention from blog readers. Excellent quality advertisements for our blogs are what makes them first class. Not to mention the support they give to us bloggers to also become first class in our craft.

First class brands also serves quality products. Hapee, the leader in providing affordable and quality toothpaste in the country has been the top of the class not only because of providing us quality toothpaste but also for giving opportunities to people with disabilities to excel. Truly, Hapee has the character of being a first class.

With these two first class brands in the country, I'm excited to watch X-men First Class. I grew up watching X-men, from the tv cartoons til it became a franchise for a movie.

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