First Day Hype!

6:08:00 PM

It's my first day at school today. Last night I couldn't sleep. I don't know if I was nervous or just excited. So guess what? Was it a great day or a total disaster?

Even before the classes started, I already met a new friend. It was during enrollment when she approached me. I was looking for the schedule when suddenly she appeared asking me what course I took. Fortunately, we took the same course which is BSIT (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology -- the banned course according to DEPED/CHED or whatever this coming 2011 because a lot of students are already taking or took this course! whew) Ate Cecil, that's her name, was also a transferee like me. She's cute and really friendly. I'm lucky I already met someone who I can talk to and we even enrolled almost all the same subjects.

Alright, that was a long introduction. I would see her this coming Wednesday which we have same classes. I just want to tell you guys that my first day... It was almost a disaster!

This was my cute sad kitty face.
Since it was a little dark outside and the rain was almost pouring, I wore my cute sandals that I bought for rainy days. When I arrived, the guard stopped me and told me that I'm not allowed to attend class coz I'm wearing my cute sandals. They said it's okay not to go to school today since it's just the first day. I was sad and I really wanted to attend my class. What I did was to just buy new shoes. Yes, that's my adorable solution. I was lucky that the school I'm attending is near the mall, just a hundred steps away from school. lol

I got used to wearing sandals and open-toed shoes when I was at my previous school. Not to mention, they don't mind what you wanna wear except those indecent clothes. Now I have a school uniform! The last time I wore a school uniform was on my highschool graduation. I will wear the new school uniform this coming Wednesday and take photos. No classes tomorrow! Bravo!

Note: If you're wondering if I was able to attend my class. The answer is yes. My Comm Arts professor looked nice and we had the usual introduce yourself thingy which I did not really enjoy. 

My happy kitty face. Now that I'm home and playing Pet Forest!

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