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Every heartbeat, and every tear that falls down my face,
I do it all for you. You're impossible to replace,
every smile, and every kiss that we share,
wipes away every tear.

I do it all for you,
I'm in love with every stupid thing you do,
every call that you make to me, and every joke you make,
sometimes makes me scared that my heart is at stake.

Every time you hold me, and every time you tell me every things all right,
makes me wonder once again all through the night,
I do it all for you,
I love you so much more if you only really knew.  

When you look me in the eyes, and say I'm perfect enough for you,
makes me realize that this isn't a dream its all true,
every breath of air I take, and every word I ever say,
I do it all for you in every way.

Every time I made you cry, and every time I say goodbye,
I do it all for you but I was never sure why,
every moment we started to fight, and you threatened to leave me here alone,
makes my heart as cold as stone.  

People keep telling us that we should of never been together,
but we proved them wrong because it only worked out better,
I promised to stay with you,
forever more I'm never finished, and never through,
I gave my best I done it all for you.

Every time we say we love each other, and every time we speak,
I do it all for you my prince with the golden key,
every day, and every night were left alone miles apart,
but we always keep in touch its a happy start,
I do it all for you infinity times from the heart.

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