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8:29:00 PM

I just saw this game my brothers were playing. I thought it was just another online game and not really associated with facebook. I got curious coz my brother said I can login to facebook to play it. It's called Pet Forest.

Pet Forest has been announced as PlayOMG's first Facebook game. This is a brand new browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game together with Social Network Game features.

I really enjoy this game! Since it is mulitplayer online and also a role playing game, I can play with anyone who's online. I texted the boyfriend that I was playing this game and he said that I was just playing some related applications on facebook. I told him it's different and much more fun! Then suddenly when I was at their house, I went online to play Pet Forest and then he mentioned he started playing it as well! Here's a photo of us dating online. lol

Play here!

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  1. this looks familiar. ahaha..
    this game really made huge adjusments on my sleeping habbit. ;)


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