Internet Abstinence

2:49:00 PM

Posting this coz I'd like to keep myself off the internet. Sadly, I can't really do that! Ever since I had my computer, I immediately contacted the ISP to install my DSL connection so that I can go to the internet right away! I spend about five to six hours a day or more in front of the computer (I just estimated that. If I have work I'd spend half of my day with it!).

I do a lot of important stuff like Facebook, Tumblr, and some PTC sites where I earn cents a day.

So I decided that I would have a limit of four hours a day (that's not too much, right?), so that I can give way on reading my awesome books! Check my small bookshelf.

I almost forgot! This would be a good way on focusing more to my studies. Did I mention that I'd be back to school? Yes! And I'm excited! :)

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