Christmas Vacation

10:47:00 PM

Tomorrow is the start of our christmas vacation. The past week has been so stressful because of our prelim exams. I'm glad it was over because it didn't only give me stress but also a number of pimples on my face. grrr

I'm planning to read the books I bought last month from the NBS Bazaar. I think there were more or less ten books! Wow. I haven't noticed that I already bought a lot. I promised to not buy any more books until the end of the month. I don't want to be broke before the year ends. 

I asked Ate Cecille to take a picture of my cute little notebook or binder. 

Maybe I'll miss my cute notebook this vacation. hihi.
I like cute things. They make me happy and they look neat! Okay, now I miss my cute honey! ;)

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