Harry Monthsary!

10:14:00 PM

Before anything else, I would like to know if the word monthsary has an etymological definition in a dictionary. Coz as far as I know it was just created by us Pinoys. heh.

Anyways, so yesterday was our 55th month in the relationship. We don't really celebrate it, I just like to mention it. hehe. It's just amazing that we've been together that long. Hopefully, I can still celebrate many anniversaries with him until our hair turns white. ;)

First, we went to KFC to try the Double Down which looked really good on ads.
In this photo as well

So, how was it? Over a hundred, I wll grade it 75. Just passing right? I told this to boyfriend because I wasn't able to finish it all. It was good at first, but then when I was halfway to it, I didn't like it anymore. I didn't like the combination of the mayo and cheese because I can't taste the bacon which I really like. Maybe it's just my taste.

Then after, the most awaited moment...
We watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
Our tickets which I like collecting! : )

I really like the movie. I heard a lot of reviews that it's better compared to the previous movies because most of the scenes in the book were shown on the big screen. I agree and at the same time glad that finally I was able to watch it. I like the Dobby scenes. I almost cried on the part when Dobby was dying on Harry's arms. Ron was amazing or should I say Rupert Grint did a great job on portraying Ron. I also like the scene when Ron returned and Hermione was all angry and shouting at Ron. Emma Watson is really a lady now! Of course, Daniel Radcliffe was still awesome in portraying Harry. The boyfriend is not really a fan like me, however I was there to tell him what's gonna happen next and explain everything! ;)

I really enjoyed our time yesterday. Even though we don't see each other a lot, we still find time to bond and spend quality time. I think that is more important than seeing your special someone everyday and not cherishing every moment of it.

Thanks for the quality time honey, I love you! ♥

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