It's A Date!

1:46:00 PM

Two days ago, the boyfriend and I went to Megamall to buy gifts for his godchildren. But before that since we left around noon, we ate our lunch at Mang Inasal.

Hmm, Yummy!
I think the last time we ate there was a month ago. It's affordable and of course they have the unlimited rice which is really convenient for the two of us. hihi

I really had a great time! We just see each other once or twice a week so I missed him. Well this would be the first time I'd post our photo together, and here it is!

Me and the cute Bf!

We had more good photos he took. However, he's not a good photographer so the other photos were blurred. hmf! 

So after we bought the gifts, we tried to shop for ourselves but we couldn't really figure out what to buy. We have to be mindful of our tight budget! He was looking for a gas lift chair for his computer table but his budget was not enough. So we thought of just buying a net seat cushion that usually used in car seats for back support. 

Just like that one!
We had one here that my father brought home and he was kinda amazed when he saw that. Fortunately, it was available in the hardware store and I'm glad he's happy with it. He even saved more money! For myself, I didn't buy anything not unless you want to include the step on trash can I bought for our cluttered house. Perhaps I just felt blessed that time I couldn't decide what to buy. lol

Well, yes I feel blessed because I will end and start the year with him and my family! And I'm grateful that the dear Lord blessed me this year.

I recently watched Glee and found this song amazing. This is dedicated to all the people I love! :)

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